Culinary Walking & Tasting Tours
Thursdays 10am-2:15pm & Saturdays 10am-2pm
By Reservation ($88 per person), Presented by Edible Excursions

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North Berkeley All-Organic Farmer's Market
Thursdays,Year Round, Rain or Shine 2-7pm 
Shattuck Ave. (service road) from Vine to Rose St., Operated by The Ecology Center
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Art Exhibition and Opening Events
Monthly Gallery Openings and Events at local galleries and Cafes, including:
Berkeley Art Center
ACCI Gallery
Mythos Art Gallery

Wine Tasting at Vintage Berkeley
Samples from our globetrotting portfolio!
Monday-Friday from 4-7 pm, Saturdays from 2-4pm
2113 Vine Street, Tel: 510.665.8600

Kitchen on Fire: Cooking Classes at Epicurious Garden
Please check the website for a full schedule!
1509 Shattuck Ave. Tel: 510.548.COOK

YOGAKULA Healing Arts Studio
Lectures and Performances
Classes: Yoga – Tai Chi – Massage – Pilates
1700 Shattuck Ave., 2nd floor, Tel: 510.486.0264
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February 10th, 2016
- Wine Tasting Walk with local wineries pouring at eateries, shops and galleries
May 2016
With Berkeley Lions Club to benefit Community Fund - Restaurant Walk with sampling at eateries, shops and galleries

2016: TBA
Chocolate Menu Sampling at Area Shops, Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest, Crafts Vendors, Kid’s Activities
October 18th 2015, 11am to 4pm
Open Streets event on Shattuck from Rose to Haste - FREE recreational and social activities, outdoor seating, special street food menus, business open houses and sales, live music. Also, Wine & Beer Garden with music and food on Vine St. til 5pm

November 2, 2015, 5-9pm
Community and Artist Remembrance Altars, Candlelight Procession, DIY Art Pojects, Free Skeletal Face Painting, Food trucks, Music, Beer & Wine Garden
More Information

December 6, 2015, (Rain Date: Dec. 13)
Snow Play, Kids Activities, Merchant, Craft & Food Booths, Music


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Free Talk on Integrating Body, Mind and Heart
Sunday, February 14th 2016, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Posted By: Nyingma Institute

Valentine's Day!
Sunday, February 14

Donna Morton "Integrating Body, Mind, and Heart."

Too often even our best knowledge gets lost in a conflicting web of physical and emotional demands. In this talk, Nyingma Institute instructor and nutritional consultant Donna Morton will lead participants through ways to break free of the conflicts between what we ‘should’ be doing and what we actually do. Donna will present teachings that harmonize and integrate body, mind, and heart through increasing mindfulness of feelings.

About the speaker: Donna Morton, B.S. is a physical therapist and nutritional consultant. A number of years ago, she took the Institute’s Four-Month Human Development Training Retreat and since that time has been a committed student of Nyingma teachings. She primarily teaches in the area of Kum Nye, a gentle form of Tibetan Yoga developed for Westerners by Head Lama Tarthang Tulku. Donna leads Advanced Kum Nye classes, and also teaches a special workshop, “The Art of Sitting Comfortably,” on how to maintain a good, comfortable posture in meditation.

Contact Us
Call: (510) 809-1000


Prepare yourself! A Two-Part Professional Development Series
Saturday, January 16th 2016, 6:00pm - Saturday, February 27th 2016, 8:00pm
Posted By: Berkeley Art Center (BAC)

Saturday, January 16 at 6 pm
Saturday, February 27 at 6 pm
$20 for two sessions for BAC Members / $40 Nonmembers

Oakland-based artist Michele Pred has become known for such political works as her Homeland Security series and feminist Pred-a-Porter purses. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries, art fairs and museums in London, Sydney, New York, Bologna, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. She has been teaching professional practices to artists for ten years, currently as Adjunct Professor at CCA. 

In these two sessions, Michele will offer valuable tips on presenting your work to gallerists and collectors, utilizing social media, writing press releases and maneuvering the evolving world of art fairs and competitions. Space is limited, please click on the appropriate price above to register online or email your RSVP to

Healing Mind, Buddhist Psychology Course Begins January 4th
Monday, January 4th 2016, 8:00pm - Wednesday, March 23rd 2016, 9:00pm
Posted By: Nyingma Institute

Healing Mind at the Nyingma Institute

Mondays, 8–9:30 PM, January 4–May 23, 2016



“Meditation can enable us to tap the healing qualities of mind, eventually transforming our impoverishing patterns of thought and action into liberating growth.” Tarthang Tulku, Hidden Mind of Freedom.


Mind is perhaps the most powerful force in our lives. It rules our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes and governs our actions. Mind can reflect immense beauty, love, and clarity, but mind can also weave an intricate web of suffering. This five-month course draws on the innate power of mind to heal itself, to penetrate self-delusion, and to see through the causes of unnecessary pain.

Nyingma Psychology teachings harness this clarity of mind and its ability to know itself. Through this deep knowing, mind can break free from the weight of conflicting thoughts and emotions. We discover that the key to healing is already in our hands. Each month of the course unlocks specific aspects of the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of our being.

Month One: Emotions as Hidden Knowledge: Questioning mind through powerful introspective techniques reveals new dimensions of knowledge and wonder. Includes the Transforming Negative Emotions workshop on January 30.

Month Two: Desire and the Fundamental Operation of Mind: Breaking free from images of desire, our hearts can open to deeper values and truer sources of nourishment.

Month Three: Transforming Emotional Tension and Conditioning: Ways to release tension are combined with inquiry into the sources of negative emotions and restrictive conditioning.

Month Four: Unmasking Self-Images: Observing how inner narratives arise and disappear, we begin to disentangle ourselves from judgment and manipulation. Includes the Self-Image workshop on April 23.

Month Five: Reclaiming the Heart: Recognizing and releasing those mental patterns that restrict our freedom, we increase the resolve to honor and protect the heart of our being. Meditative practices are integrated with joy and compassion. We seal the intention to transform our lives.

Cost: $400 (for the entire five months) or $80 per month, which includes the workshops “Transforming Negative Emotions” on January 30 and “Self-Image” on April 23. Instructor: Sylvia Gretchen. Students may attend this class on a month-to-month basis, although the greatest benefit will come from attending the entire five-month sequence. Note: no class held on January 25.

Healing Mind Booklet with Synopsis and Readings

To register call: (510) 809-1000